LZF Lamps have had a bumper campaign at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2013.  Their “High Fidelity” campaign was launched.  High Fidelity is something a little different in the furniture design world and the product produced from this concept is nothing but astounding.  Each new piece unveiled by LZF Lamps is accompanied by a piece of music originally composed by Rithma Sounds – each note playing simultaneously to the piece it has so lovingly received. Again working to their mantra “wood touched by light”, LZF Lamps have again turned to manipulating  coloured veneer wood in unconventional ways, producing a lighting collection which is exciting, versatile, adaptable and sustainable. A collection of lighting product that merges concepts from times past the world over, presenting them in new ways to manoeuvre light and shadow. Without further adieu, we bring to you High Fidelity. CANDELABRO Marivi Calvo has been mighty busy compiling a lighting installation which blends mixture of forms from the LZF Lamps catalogue.  Carefully piecing together a cocktail of the greatest hits of LZF Lamps, their twisted manipulated forms sit together harmoniously, surrounded by intrigued hummingbirds allowing Candelabro it to be received in any space, creating not only an art form in itself but a joyous party of dancing pieces. Candelabro is a song about a world where golden birds inhabit suggestive cloud like forms. A melody that breaks and reunites. CHOU Collaborative design studio Yonoh Estudio Creativo has created Chou, a lamp available as a table or suspension which easily transports us into a world the exciting East.  Replacing traditional paper with the patterned grain of bent plywood in a variety of bold hues, Chou is a lamp which is as adaptable as it is beautiful.  Inspired by the film “The World of Susie Wong”, Yonoh Estudio Creativo plunges its viewer into the fast-paced world of traditional Hong Kong, a lamp that plays a game of Chinese shadows in a new world. CUAD Seasoned LZF Lamps designer Burkhard Dämmer brings a new spin to his lighting repertoire with the manufacturer and again provides a symmetrical suspension lamp destined for both the home, contract and hospitality markets, this time forming symmetrical corners through a light cube.   Hidden are the unnecessary details of globes and wiring and exposed is the modern and simplistic design of the Cuad. I-CLUB SLIM Following the successful original I-Club, Burkhard Dämmer again hits the right note with the I-Club Slim. A smaller sibling, this lineal fluorescent light creates both a warm surround with illuminated natural wood veneer with good light for any space. ESCAPE Forcing rectangular planes together to form a systematically playful collection is the premise of Escape.  Its patterned rhythm and movement busily sits above the head providing escape to the drone of flat ceilings, bringing with it a masterful use of scale and weight.   Causing light to shoot through the planes gives a sharp and constant effect from a glowing source of intrigue and beauty.   Designed by Ray Power, Escape is an exodus of wood veneers creating a dramatic visual domino effect. LINKCHAIN Expanding on the ever popular Link by Marivi Calvo, this time joined by Irish designer Ray Power, have formulated LinkChain, a spectacular lighting system for space division.  Recently wowing audiences at furniture fairs and exhibitions the world over, the wall of light comprising carefully woven plywood which sits together to form an incredible collation of rhythm through its almost careless ability to romantically cause an endless motion of beauty through its mere existence.   Grouped together, these pieces are highly-adaptable for any, and in particular large spaces, holding the ability to section off as walls of pure magnificence. RAINDROP Designed by Javier Herrero Studio Raindrop is a single piece of fluid motion.  Grouped together as a cluster of three, five or seven wood drops, Raindrop is a splashing of spectacular form and playfulness.  See the separate KE-ZU Blog post here. DOMO Valencian based Rqr Estudio based their entrant into the LZF Lamps’ High Fidelity collection on the ‘dome of silence’ used in the television series Get Smart.  The physical correlation is obvious, as is the silent beauty of the falling wood forms of the Domo suspension lamp.  Illuminating any space with its graceful ease, the Domo is set to become a popular piece for inclusion in any space. AGATHA Another interesting concept, based on the Agatha Christie series of novels, designed by Luis Eslava to resemble the twists in the plot of the novels, Agatha is a series of woven sheets of ply joined together to form a busy and beautiful piece manipulating its inner light providing a lamp which brings with it a sense of rhythmic beauty. MIKADO Busy and daring, the Mikado suspension brought to the collection by Miguel Herranz is a series of unfolded pieces form a fanning effect which its light shoots across to project beautiful rays of light across a room.  It’s endless winding and curvature provides a hypnotic splay of hurried motion, the modern aesthetics complementing any space. POPPY Organic, rounded and playful, the Poppy by Burkhard Dammer is available in five sizes, allowing it become an interesting group of varied pieces.  The boldness of its body, encased in patterned ribbons of ply provide for an interesting play of light emanating from its inner.  Holding the ability to sit atop each other, providing for a sequence of rounded length, the Poppy is a beautiful addition to High Fidelity.