It’s pretty obvious that we love Karim Rashid.  We stock many of his designs right here at KE-ZU.  Dubbed by Time Magazine as the “most famous industrial designer in all the Americas”, Karim Rashid is a multi-faceted creative superforce with over 3,000 works in production to date, it’s pretty hard then to fathom that he has any time to think let alone have a hobby, which by the way he does, and it’s getting behind the DJ decks and spinning some tunes. ­The latest venture for the purveyor of pink is MyBrickell.  A built space investigating contemporary culture and city living in the popular urban sprawl of Brickell, Miami. Designed for the new age and culturally aware Miami resident, the buildings color, design, location, features and amenities add to up to one of the hottest places to live in South Florida. Some unique features of this highly original structure include a fantastic rooftop pool and outdoor living area, expansive balconies and a colour scheme that screams Miami. Currently a mere hole in the ground, the MyBrickell vision is strong, utilising the highly saturated colour in deep pattern and organic shape so synonymous with Karim’s work MyBrickell is shrouded in his stamp, a further way for Karim to continue on his mission to beautify the world.