We do take to things that are a bit different here at KE-ZU.  Further, we carry a bit of a love for the creator of the unique - which is why today we love the Sydney based photographer Rebecca Ryba.   Ryba is one of those gifted creative types with an eye for catching the things in life that we just don’t. Rebecca Ryba is a Fine Art photographer based in Sydney. Ryba completed her bachelor of Fine Arts with honours Sydney’s COFA in 2009. Since then we understand she has traveled South America, Paris (working as a photographer teacher) and New York City (assisting renowned curator Neville Wakefield).   Basing herself back in Sydney, Ryba works as the creative director of amagazine.com.au an entirely online magazine exploring “the quirky side of life” – in reality the online platform is far from quirky, erring more on the beautiful and quality side of publishing.  The future looks bright for this young talent – what isn’t always bright is the subject she turns her lens to. Exploring the subjects of emptiness, stillness and temporal spaces, the quiet qualities that these pieces hold is simply awesome.  From mysterious landscapes in the ‘masked frontier’ collection to the warped social motion of ‘crowd studies’, the sexily eerie ‘the bacchae’ to the almost Lynch-like lighting effects in the soulful ‘in between’ – the entire portfolio (available here) is a tick in the box of talent. Ryba says her work
searches for identity and history against a background of nothingness and void. She searches determinedly but possibly vainly for dreams, intuition, archetypes and impulses expressed through culture, sex and religion
Whether that means anything to you or not may be irrelevant, the work expresses itself so deeply that we can’t wait to see what she’s shooting next.