We love Pantone.  Who doesn’t? Pantone is finding itself everywhere; tables tops, wall dividers, A colour guide based on the Queen’s frocks(!), iPhone covers – we’re surrounded by it.  Next is the Instagram project by US based graphic artist David Schwen. However unlike the others, it’s not colours that he’s playing with – Schwen has taken to pairing foods we associate together to make physical food Pantone paint chips, which (perhaps after photographing and eating), are soon to become available prints. Utilising the obvious complementary food options we so often consume and transforming them into paired paint chips doesn’t always mean that they become complementary colours, but that seems beside the point.  Is Schwen perhaps following in the footsteps of pop artists of the 1960’s and holding up a mirror to us as consumers and asking us some questions?  Maybe it’s not so deep, and we’d just love a ham and cheese sambo or some mac and cheese.  Check out the entire series here. Yum!