There is nothing new in architecture holding a firm relationship with landscape and site.  Leading the way in this harmonious affiliation is the immensely talented husband and wife duo of Casey Brown Architecture. The firm comprises Rob Brown taking to the helm of the architectural works and Caroline Casey designing stunning often wood based furniture no doubt destined to grace the built works of the firm. Recently completing a large set of works in Jamberoo, outside of Sydney on the South Coast of N.S.W. is a project that adds to their incredible portfolio and testament to their devotion to the synchronization of architecture and the outdoors. The Jamberoo Farm House responded to a brief from the client seeking a new residence, guest accommodation and large entertaining areas.  Overall, the new structures had to blend with existing structures on the site which were to be retained. The product becomes an integrated and private village of contemporary farm houses which comfortably find themselves atop a rolling sprawl of greenery, leading the eye to the far views of the ocean. Three large gable roofed buildings sit together in such a way to create viewpoints to the stunning landscape, each one enjoying its own view from the large glassed elevations.  Fusing together timber and glass in such a way the structures provide the ease and charm of farm housing whilst allowing the highly stylized nature of the design to be appreciated. Architect Rob Brown’s understanding of contemporary architecture which holistically incorporates landscape, topography, climate, natural light and lifestyle forces the beholder into comparisons with the great Frank Lloyd Wright. Check out a portion of their other projects below.  The incredible work of Casey Brown is a reason enough for us to get out and enjoy this country!  Seeya later big smoke!