We like to think of ourselves as pretty new-age.  A forward thinking people free form the shackles of the unnecessary political correctness of times past.  Take our former (and soon to be reinstated) hold music for example, should you ever have previously been placed on hold whilst on the line to one of our friends here in the showroom you would have heard the emphatic lyrics of New York band Brazilian Girls’ “Pussy”.  We may not endorse the contents of the lyrics, but it’s a catchy tune nonetheless. Brazilian Girls is a band which only has one female band member, she’s not Brazilian and the band has never played in Brazil.  This simple sentence could perhaps quite simply sum up Brazilian Girls – they’re a bit wacky but a whole lot of fun.  Their style is cross-genre and is often described as “melting pop”.  All in all, we love em. What we’re loving today is lead singer (and only female counterpart) Sabina Sciubba’s lead and preview song from her soon to be released first solo album.  The song is titled Toujors (translating from French to English as “Always”) and was released today. It’s not only the tune that we love.  It’s the cheekiness of Sciubba – very quickly becoming synonymous with her work.   Constantly performing without clothes but often towards covering her body with props (ensuring a close to PG rating!), her knowing and acknowledging secret smile, her ability to draw us into her web of creativity and her injured chicken friend. Having released the video to YouTube today, it’s a bit of fun to see her interaction on the page with Sciubba already declining a marriage proposal from one finger-on-the-pulse fan by offering an alternative – marrying the poor man’s wife and the songs credits and acknowledgements:
Song written by Sabina, produced by Sabina and Fred Rubens, mixed by Klas Wikberg. Video by Sabina Hair and make-up: who needs hair and make-up?
Check out the rest of Brazilian’s Girls’ to tracks on YouTube here.