A piece that needs little introduction, the Gaulino Chair, designed Barcelona native Oscar Tusquets in 1987 has since become a modern Spanish classic and a point of reference in sculptural furniture design. Recently relaunching the iconic chair is KE-ZU supplier bd Barcelona.  The sculpted chair was awarded the Industrial Design Prze in 1989 and the Adi-Fad in 1990. We’ve shown you previously here on the Blog bd Barcelona’s work in maintaining the spirit of great Spaniards’ Gaudi and Dali’s work in their efforts to exclusively produce their furniture works and it’s these two very men and Carlo Mollino who influenced the design of the Gaulino – even so far as affecting its word-morphed title. The chair, which is regularly included in retrospective shows of Spanish design also spawned a table of the same name and was Tusquets’ first foray into industrial works with machine work despite its appearance of hand craftsmanship.  Of its design, Tusquets says quite simply:
I learned and enjoyed it very much and I think it is one of my best works.  It was designed over 20 years ago and it remains an interesting design.  I think one of my best designs.
The femaleness that the Gaulino Chair exudes is unmissable, and showcased at the start of the video below featuring an interview with Tusquets, taken from ‘bd Barcelona Design Stories’, the Vimeo channel directed by the company.

GAULINO Chair by Oscar Tusquets from BD Barcelona Design on Vimeo.

The Gaulino Chair is a structure of solid Ash either natural, varnished or stained.  The seat with internal frame in Oak and upholstered in leather toned to complement frame and is available at KE-ZU and through its national distribution network.  Also available are Tusquets’ other designs – the Banco Catalano for bd Urban Transit, and Luna for the vernacular Spaniard rug manufacturer nanimarquina, we’ll upload a post about Luna shortly.