For Furniture Free Friday we thought we’d bring you a young Sydney creative – she’s talented in too many areas to name, you know the ones...  those people who seem to have boundless amounts of imaginative energy capable of turning water into wine. Sydney’s Melinda “Mindy” Nass has embarked herself on a personal creative challenge which spans the entire year of 2013, and more so, every day of it. 365iCreate is the name of the challenge and uses social media application Instagram as its platform.  Each and every day of this year Mindy creates something unique, interesting and idiosyncratic.  She then photographs it and uploads it to Instagram – allowing her followers to track the progress of her plight.  An inspiration (not only for time management purposes!) to creatives and non-creatives alike – her repertoire consists of illustration, painting, costume, furniture restoration, wall art, cooking, graphic design, jewellery and much, much more, many of which a journey into up-cycling and sustainability.  Nass says of the project:
[my employment and studies] started to noticeably limit my ideas, consequently I found myself becoming uninspired and questioning my abilities as a designer.  To counteract my creative rut, I decided to do the opposite and challenge myself into completing something creative everyday for a year. So I set up a studio in the spare room and started the Instagram account to document the journey
Given that we are only up to day 149 of 365 we can’t wait to see what she’s up to next (and the next 215).  Check out some of the creations below, and log into 365iCreate’s Instagram profile for more to come! [gallery link="file" order="DESC" orderby="title"]