It’s Australia’s turn to host the Australian International Furniture Fair with Decoration + Design – the exhibition bringing together exciting furniture from Australia and around the world from 6 – 8 February 2013. Excitingly, today, the opening day of the Fair plays host to “The Edge 2013” an event for new and emerging designers to showcase their work and contest four categories of Excellence in Design:
  1. Best new prototype for a tertiary student.
  2. Best new prototype/concept designed by a professional designer.
  3. Best new commercial release designed by a professional designer.
  4. Green award for best new sustainable product.
The pieces contending the awards are varied in their concept, but their outcome all share a common originality.  See some of the finalists from all categories below.  The awards are announced today so lookout for some serious talent, as here you’ll find Australia’s next-generation ground breaking designers.