In late October Sydney hosted an annual workshop called ARCHIKIDZ.  A workshop run through the Sydney Architecture Festival which saw hundreds of children joining together at Carriageworks to talk, think and make architecture. The interactive workshop which was born in Amsterdam and is quickly spreading to other parts of the world seeks to (importantly) educate children about architecture and good design, and help make our youth aware of their environments, which will no doubt lead to awareness of good design, future preservation of architecture, sustainability and perhaps initiate an exciting career for the little ones. Archikidz recently released a video showcasing highlights from the day clearly shows the fun and energy of the day.

Archikidz! Sydney - Carriageworks 27 October 2012 from Archikidz! Sydney on Vimeo.

In educating our kids about the possibilities of making a positive impact on our future, we absolutely love the message Archikidz is providing to our youth through this fun and exciting program! Well done Archikidz… a great initiative!