Covering a song most famously performed by The Beatles, and written by none other than the lyrical gods Lennon and McCartney is not an easy feat.   Presumably it takes courage and a high-sense of ones talent to ever dare enter a world requiring such skill and care. Doubtless, some have failed in their quest. In our opinion however this little gem ticks some serious Beatles covering boxes. Recorded by Fiona Apple for the soundtrack to the digitally recorded and selectively desaturated 1998 film Pleasantville, the largely contralto Apple sings to the rhythmic melody and breathes a new feeling into the lyrics, of which Lennon cites:
The words are purely inspirational and were given to me - except for maybe one or two where I had to resolve a line or something like that. I don't own it; it came through like that
The song resonates with the sub-themes of the mixed-genre film, which the director Gary Ross states is about the connection between personal repression giving rise to a larger political oppression. Enjoy.