The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Today’s Furniture Free Friday crawls into the realm of technology, CGI  and one man who humanises film using two such methods. We bring to you Third and the Seventh.  A company consisting of its sole Spanish designer, who goes by the professional alias of Alex Roman.   Roman is a professionally trained fine artist who later successfully transferred his attentions to 3D animation, and videography. After working in 3D architectural visualisation for years, Roman expressed concern that there was a large aesthetic disparity between an offered architectural rendering of proposed work and the photography of built structure, so he turned his hand to architectural CGI videography. His inaugural video work is a long, haunting fully-animated video (shown above) exploring the inner workings of architectural master Luis Kahn’s 1965 Phillips Exeter Academy Library building.  Set to music composed by Jennifer Athena Galatis, the film dives into observing the building in awesome detail.  Working heavily with film tools speed and light, Roman beautifies each shot with breathtaking computer generated reality, rendered with program 3D Studio Max.

Silestone -- 'Above Everything Else' from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

After his inaugural work became immensely popular (even outside of the architecture and animation worlds), Roman was commissioned by Silestone to direct their advertising campaign – another stunning foray into 3D animation, working closely with gravity, form, timing and light. Keep a close eye out for the next offering rom Roman - surely to be just as spectacular.