Getting to know your colleagues is always important.  Often we spend more time with our colleagues than our partners, friends or family. Sometimes these employment connections are born from visiting the same café during a break, having mutual friends or living in the same area.  Other times, it’s about extra-curricular collections, and this is the premise of this anecdotal Furniture Free Friday. In getting to know colleagues in the KE-ZU office, it came to this writers attention recently that he shares a mutual appreciation with a fellow KE-ZU colleague for collecting Interview Magazines.  There it is, connection done. For those not in the know, Interview Magazine is the monthly publication dubbed “the crystal ball of pop” initiated in 1969 by Andew Warhola Jr., of course better known as Andy Warhol.  Turning his hand to publishing from success in the art, music and film worlds the multi-faceted icon created a magazine featuring intimate conversations between some of the worlds biggest celebrities, the magazine was usually unedited in the style of his narrative books such as “the Philosophies of Andy Warhol”.  Warhol remained credited editor of the magazine until his death in 1987. Interview was the crème-de-la-crème of magazines, finding their way (quite cumbersomely at an A3 size) to readers the world over.  These earlier issues now find their way from these readers’ collections and into thrift and vintage stores (and into my living room). Interview is still published to this day under new direction, but it’s the back issues which we love.  Holding a relatively large collection, a few favourite covers feature Mick Jagger and Cyndi Lauper from 1985 and 1986 respectively in illustration form.  Wonderful!