Salvador Dali. Pause.  Salvador Dali.  Pause.  Repeat. This is not how this blog post was intended to start.  But with so much to say about one interesting man, the mind races and sometimes all that lingers is a pause.

So without further delay, here’s today’s Furniture Free Friday.  The subject matter derived from Wednesday's post about long-time KE-ZU supplier Spanish manufacturer bd Barcelona, however it’s the other lesser known works of the eccentric,  Surrealist Dali that grab our attention today.  Did you know Dali authored a cookbook? The rise of the ‘food celebrity’ is unsurprising in this day and age with all things domestic taking pride of place on our television screens, blogs, social media outlets and bookshelves.  The young, passionate and all too creative kitchen, dining and entertaining masterminds all vie for a piece of the economic pie, but in 1973 when Salvador Dali penned and illustrated his recipe book, these were probably limited to the likes of past champions, Julia Child and Delia Smith. Dali’s book, now worth hundreds to thousands of dollars incorporates color-illustrated cloth boards in a gold foil embossed dustjacket housing many full-page, full-colour illustrations and more two-colour or black and white illustrations.  Very Dali.   Oh, right, of course – and incorporates 136 recipes in twelve categories such as exotic, fish and shellfish, eggs & seafood, snails & frogs, aphrodisiacs, and a few others… With Christmas coming (as depicted by Dali above) it might be a good time to set aside some weekend scavenge hunting!  Adios!