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In the manner of times past, it seems that sticking together and having a group of peers can lead to success in the arts world.  The 1960’s had the Rat Pack, the 1980’s the Brat Pack, we’re experiencing the Frat Pack as we speak but there’s a new pack emerging... and it’s brewing like an incoming storm.

Today’s FFF goes out to the newest phenomenon KE-ZU has stumbled upon; the “Russian Fashion Mafia”.  Taking the world by their own storm, these four dangerously good looking women, are trendily clawing their way to the top of the global fashion elite and taking no prisoners – a form of vogue pack hunting.  Some say there’s safety in numbers and this may be the way to go for these girls, given the rest of their lives seem wholly daring.

The glamour posse comprises Miroslava Duma, the former 21 year old Editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia, Elena Perminova, supermodel and girlfriend of billionaire media mogul Alexander Lebedev, Ulyana Sergeenko, a successful fashion designer with an expensive fondness of the turban who recently debuted in Paris and Vika Gazinskaya, a fashion designer with an ever-changing haircut.

With globalisation and the rise of the ‘instant celebrity’, it wasn’t an easy feat being set apart from others but it seems that for these fashionistas, steering the fashion world of the Soviet was the key to the success, Duma says of current Russian fashion:

We’ve never had any history of fashion in Russia, but there has been a revolution of thinking.

Each of the members of the Russian Fashion Mafia now regularly appear front row at all major fashion shows, NYC, London, Paris and Milan.  They are the new darlings of the fashion world and they’re here to stay, chicly dipping their fingers into many pies... online media outlets, magazine editing, styling, fashion designing, photography, hospitality and of course A-list parties.

Keep an eye out for these successful youngsters – before time either you, your girlfriend, your mother, or your flatmate will be wearing one of their designs, reading one of their stories, watching one of their catwalks or if Duma has her way, drinking one of her coffees.

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