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To state the obvious, design and decoration is constantly changing.  For a time, different facets of design are sometimes elevated to the forefront of our industry and the products born from this proudly flood our market.   Always humbly plodding along, but never quite forgotten is the light.  From the most influential designs and decorations to the humblest of homes, lighting has always had its importance, but never before has lighting been quite so diverse and quite so, well, awesome.

Cue change.  Now more so than ever the light is the epitome of cool, finding itself in pole position of product design.  Designers are turning more and more to interesting and unique lighting pieces to enhance a space.  And why not?  There’s no reason that the ceiling should be forgotten.

The variation in form and shape of current lighting pieces is unprecedented.  The sourcing of inspiration for interesting and unique pieces has been found in some bizarre and abstract places.  Some lighting pieces forming the KE-ZU catalogue are inspired by dancing hips, girls’ dresses, Greek mythology, science laboratories, childhood stories of dragons, insects and many, many more.

Some of our lighting suppliers Hive [design by hive] look to nature, LZF looks to warping form and shape, and Eden looks at adapting found objects.  All of these combine to create a diverse and exciting inventory.

One of the most stimulating things about working at KE-ZU is watching the stock come into the showroom.  There is an air of anticipation amongst the staff knowing that an exciting and fresh piece has either flown or sailed from overseas, made it to our doors and its unveiling is moments away.

The lighting pieces available for viewing at the KE-ZU showroom currently are:

Hive’s Fandango, Checkmate, Paperwork, Samba, Constellation, Float Table Lamp, C U-C Me, Kairos.   
Air Table Lamp, Nut, Spiro, Tilt, X-Club.
Eden’s Tablecloth,  i-Light, Fool Moon Wall Lamp

What’s next to arrive? Stay tuned...

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