Jephson Robb is a Scotsman of many talents. Having graduated in Political Economics from Glasgow University, Robb's journey took a rather creative tangent in 2003 that saw him complete a second degree - this time design, from The Royal College of Art in London. With his first commission coming from Tord Boontje as part of "Eight Rooms" for the British Council, Robb's career was off to a healthy start.  What resulted was the highly commended "Temple", a piece that like many of Robb's works call for active viewer  involvement and promote artwork/viewer interaction. Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of Jephson Robbs portfolio is its sheer diversity.  As adept in realising monolithic scupltural installations, he has also proven himself an accomplished web designer, art director and furniture designer - with no sign of this breadth having any negative impact on the quality and importance of the individual explorations. With his personal and very moving work "Cries & Whispers" now in the permanent collection of New York's MoMA, his lounge chair design "Amri" sits alongside the works of Jaime Hayon, Suzanne Trocme, Ross Lovegrove, Arik Levy and more in the Bernhardt Design catalogue. Prolific and proficient, the ever evolving story of Jephson Robb is set to keep us engaged as much as it will keep us guessing where he will spring up next. (Mid 2012 KE-ZU will proudly be launching the Bernhardt Collection into the Australian market for the first time. Click here to register interest)