2012 is upon us and Sydney rang the new year in with a powerhouse creative display directed by Sydney born designer Marc Newson. Click here to watch the midnight finale (the second of two displays in one evening)  - mind blowing! Famed for his works for Ford, QANTAS, Nike, Alessi and many-many more, 2011/2012 NYE in Sydney saw his experience across interiors, spacecraft, products and furniture broadened to ignite a party atmosphere for over 1 million Sydneysiders on the Harbour foreshore as well as being televised to a global audience of 1.1 billion. As creative director for the evenings firework and entertainment display, Newson drew on the theme of  "Time To Dream", harnessing the firepower of over $6million in pyrotechnics and a catalogue of australian music as a backing track - the results were phenomenal.
Australia was built upon dreams. From the dreamings of past millennia to the dreams of recent settlers. Whether day or night-time, dreams are our minds in free-flow, uninhibited and reflecting what we truly aspire to. From little babies to old people, we all dream. New Year’s Eve is when fantasy and aspirations flow. A vision for the coming year, with designs on a better life. The moonstruck and lovestruck may dream of fulfilment. The stargazers dream of the worlds beyond ours.