As far as holiday options go...  camping is an aquired taste. Some love the promise of peace and quiet and willingly jump at the chance to escape into the wilderness and quite literally... switch off.  For the rest of us there is Field Candy. Field Candy, out of the UK, first caught our attention over at designboom®, so we went exploring and discovered there was much more to these high-end homes away from home than merely fancy wrapping! Bridging kitsch to quaint to "camp", these youth oriented tents boast built-in internal storage for mp3 players, mobiles, a breathable cotton inner-tent, assembly instructions on indestructable paper and the choice of limited edition digitally printed fly covers from emerging designers as well as some well established artists.  One such indivdual is Australia's Jonathan Zawada (long time collaborator with The Presets also having worked widely in fashion as well as for Playstation and Coca-Cola) who was commissioned to design a tent cover that is currently being sold in a limited run of 50. Coming in at over $1030AUD they are no small investment... but for the luxury of being able to spot your tent with ease in a vast festival campground or find your safe-base amongst dense bushland folliage -  it's a small, whimsical price to pay really - we just don't see these becoming military standard any time soon. We've picked out some of our favourites here, but pop over to their website and check out the collections for yourself.