Brands of mass consumption have long seen the benefit in aligning themselves with notable designers in a bid to edge themselves up the ladder of credibility and extend their appeal to a more discerning buyer. We've had Zaha Hadid for Lacoste, Jaime Hayon's long standing collaborations with Camper in both their products and their stores, and Marc Newson for QANTAS but perhaps the most peculiar pairing in recent years is Patrick Norguet and McDonalds. The mammoth all American brand has taken a rather tangential approach to overhauling its French eateries by commissioning one of the countries biggest design exports: Patrick Norguet. Having cut his teeth on all manner of product designs from lighting to lounge chairs, his exploration of interior design sees the rollout across France converting McDonalds stores into a more family friendly environment with upholstered booths, larger tables, more dynamic use of each locations space and absolutely no sign of Ronald or the Hamburglar!