Who doesn't love dinner and a show?  It seems that in the face of global  economic downturn, there is still plenty of money down the back of the couch where the big brands are hanging out! Recently the intricate work of 3d mapping and animated projection has been employed to great effect, both as artistic installations and increasingly in advertising.  You're probably familiar with examples from firms like LG, Bacardi and Mattel who have a penchant for big events that culminate in the facade of an historic building being turned into a whirlwind of colour and optical illusions, which invariably is filmed and virally makes its way around the web - marketing 101: get the customers to do the advertising for you! In New York City last month at the launch of a' humble' sports shoe: the Carmelo "Melo" Anthony M8 Jordan Sneaker, the bar was raised considerably!  An explosive use of water projection on The Hudson River, 3D mapping on pier 54 complete with a helicopter, DJ's, bars, games and stuntmen... click here or the image above to watch the spectacle play out. With all that investment in one launch party ( a production team larger than some Hollywood productions), Nike will be wanting to see some considerable return... and have left their competitors with big shoes to fill!