As with any design, be it spatial, two-dimensional, interractive or conceptual; the initial spark, that germ of an idea is often the most insightful and telling part of the whole development process. To see the birth of an icon in the most simplistic fashion can be quite a wonderful thing.  So it is then that we often strive to uncover the story behind the design and extract reason from the finished product.  For these reasons some of the most notable and famed designers will publish their sketchbooks as a means of re-inforcing the narrative.  To date Starck, Hayon and numerous others have turned over their initial concept sketches to publishers and the latest to do so is New York resident Karim Rashid, the master of the pink marker. Always playful and sinuous, the journey that Rashid's designs take from paper to production are wonderfully true to the initial concept.  A healthy investment in form and colour drive Karims works so it is no surprise to find his drawings are bold, simplistic and brightly presented. "Sketch:Karim" - Available through FRAME from early November.