It was with sheer delight and great anticipation that we welcomed Marivi and Sandro from LZF back to KE-ZU last week. As part of their whistlestop tour through Australia and New Zealand the pair had promised to unveil for us their newest creations and we are pleased to inform you that big, beautiful things are coming out of the LZF camp in coming months - you won't be disappointed! Whilst we can't share all the details just yet we can let in you in on their inspired "Spiro" Concept (as depicted above).

Their study in timber veneer as a decorative element has for years now proved fruitful with some of the most beautiful, warm lighting in the marketplace.  In 'Spiro' - Lzf have raised the bar again.  The concept is one that empowers interior designers and specifiers with the creative stronghand - employ the swirls of decorative timber as a screening system, a floor detail, a pendant light - the choice is yours. The range of timber loops can be recessed in walls, encased in perspex or even housed in glass and back lit - their application is entirely flexible, the possibilities are infinite and the result is guaranteed to be captivating.  For more info on the new Spiro system dont hesitate to drop KE-ZU a line to discuss the potential for your fit-out.