At Saturday InDesign this year, Ontera and The Man In Blue will be getting creative with us in Warehouse 15! As part of TheProject, our collaboration with HASSELL has seen the construction of something very special.  Warehouse 15 is a Red Bull sponsored pop-up bar/lounge that you won't want to leave. Injecting this installation with the element of interactivity, we have  a brilliant digital canvas created by The Man In Blue that is crying out for your input using one of our on-site iPads, then kick back and see your creativity displayed on a 5 metre projection against the warehouse walls! Ontera are also on hand with the opportunity to explore their versatile carpet tile system by making your own mosaic to take away with you on the day. It's immersive, it's hands on and it's all happening at KE-ZU this Saturday InDesign! We're on the Blue Bus Line, Shuttle 1, Shuttle 2 and our own AlexAndria Express that will bring you to our front door! Click here for a map of our bus stops!