It's BACK!  The annual Sydney Festival of creativity and ideas descends on KE-ZU's hometown this coming Thursday and for eighteen days and nights across our foreshore, city streets, Opera House and surrounds the city will be awash with light, live music and inspiration. Our favourite aspect of VIVID's extensive events calander is undoubtedly Lights ON, the free light scuplture walk and 3D light projections onto and surrounding some of our most famous landmarks. Two years ago Brian Eno innaugurated the role of guest curator a role that included the honour of designing projections that would wash the massive Sydney Opera House sails in a kaleidoscope of colour and light. This year French design collaborative SUPERBIEN are stepping up to the plate.  Early signs indicate they are set to blow us away with creations that have been described as:
an immersive experience, seamlessly integrating every possible technique into new forms of multimedia expression.
Additionally, the return of the light-scuplture walk around the historical Rocks precinct is fantastic to see! First taking part in 2009, RE-CYCLE by CLOUSTONassociates, was a crowd favourite.  The interactive installation harnessed the power of human energy to generate the illumination of oversized electric blue light rings that were dramatically suspended in and around a series of large fig trees.  Using bikes made of recycled parts and employing the components of disused washing machines, the installation embraces the core ideals that drive VIVID: creativity through great innovation.  VIVID organisers obviously agreed with the public feedback and have invited CLOUSTONassociates to re-exhibit this year! We wonder if a re-naming of RE-RE-CYCLE, might now be more appropriate?