Rubber Dub Dub...

GOMA is the brainchild of Barcelona's Ainhoa Salgueiro.

Residing for some time in Hà N?i, Vietnam and seeing the sheer volume of worn-out rubber tyres from bicycles, scooters and motorbikes being disposed as landfill or burnt off with noxious side-effects; Ainhoa turned to fashion as a means of re-purposing what was considered all but waste matter.

Worn-in on the rocky roads of Vietnam and ready for their next life.

By melting down the rubber then re-moulding and stitching the material into contemporary, practical bags, purses and satchels GOMA has seen sustainability meet with clever craftsmanship and cutting-edge fashion in a product that has proven to bring Salgeuiro considerable International attention.

When it comes to clever, "sustainably stylish" design practice, GOMA has it in the bag.

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