Let's face it, we're a visual bunch. A picture tells a thousand words, colour and light can evoke a response, express our moods, convey the complexity in a concept or  completely discombobulate. Permanent Food is a publication out of Milan with no writers, no offices, no editorial board and no ambition to sell...anything.  It's premise is to merely appropriate imagery from other magazines and publications throughout time that conflict, complement and contrast one another all at once.  The result? As inspired as it is inspiring.
Bound together in each issue is a thoroughly bewildering, amusing, grotesque, and blasé selection of images culled from anywhere, everywhere, and nowhere
Begun initially as a project by artists Maurizio Cattelan (responsible for some of our favourite installations of all time) and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster in 1995, the publication now boasts a plethora of issues available through Amazon and local resellers, internationally.  Also worth a look is this  great interview we found on Japan's SHIFT online magazine with the current art director/editor Paola Manfrin. Take a look for yourself and see what all the fuss is about.