It was only a matter of time: Architecture now has it's own interactive, encyclopedic, iPhone and iPad application: ArkSolut. While it may not be the very first piece of hand-held pocket software to delve into the wonders of the built world, it might just be the most comprehensive and in a sense; practical, resource regarding architecture, design and contemporary urban landscapes. The design of its interface allows users to filter searches by designer, typology and/or location.  In doing so,  facilitating its usage as a reference book, encyclopaedia or complementary travel guide. Danish in origin and still predominately oriented towards the architecture surrounding and completed by the Danes, the developers have made it clear the database will increase steadily to include:  Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Basel, Berlin, London and Paris, among others. Click here or the image above for a short clip on the capabilities of the exciting application. Features include:
  • High-definition pictures and zoom-facilities to view details
  • 360 º panoramic pictures of urban spaces and building interiors
  • 2D drawings
  • 'Your favourite': personalize your trip or list of works
  • General search
  • Multi Lingual.

Additional online content extends it's capabilities to draw on:

  • Maps and GPS: location of the works and the user
  • Direct link to Wikipedia and to on-line authors and works with detailed information without leaving the application
  • Possibility to share the works by email and on Facebook.