[gallery link="file"] Blog Brag Alert!  So the KE-ZU Blog is on holiday and seeing as we're working over the break we've come over all self indulgent and thought we'd BLOG BRAG: We're blogging today from the small UNESCO heritage listed island of Patmos in Greece: a sunbaked emerald of an isle with an uber significant past that boasts a bustling, contemporary heartbeat.  Refreshingly, it retains it's traditional Greek charm in an era where the influences of the European Union and huge increases in Sumer tourism have caused great change on many other islands dotting the Agean. Authentic foods, crafts and practices thrive alongside a booming arts and fashion scene which sees the inaugural International Film Festival of Patmos kick off next week.  A selection of English language and "foreign" films, doco's and lectures populate the program.
If you love film and wish to mingle with a multicultural film crowd while enjoying the charm of the island of the Apocalypse, the IFFP is the place to be!
Sold on the idea?  It's not too late to book your flights! Head to Athens and hop on the ferry to Skala in Patmos... go on, you won't be disapointed! ...and with all these sunny skies, crystal blue waters and DELICIOUS foods at our disposal, we thought we'd share the love by highlighting an inspired and delectable project closer to home.  The kids over at Doughboy have done big things with cardbard.  A bit of an inner Sydney institution with outlets in the east and inner west, Doughboy offers Pizza unlike any others to their insatiable and loyal fanbase. Art in a Box is a recent competition inviting customers to convert the humble cardboard pizza box into a work of art.  Pop over to the Doughboy facebook page to sample the immense diversity in submissions.  We LOVE it.