[gallery link="file" columns="5"] As the majority of the world submits to World Cup fever and we antipodeans retreat to lick our wounds over our false start last weekend, there comes some welcome news for football fans wanting a hand in dictating the success of  the Socceroos. Touching down at KE-ZU this week are three of RS Barcelona's oft coveted, ultra sleek, Foosball tables: RS#2 ; and their timing couldn't be better! With outdoor and indoor models offered, these tables are good, solid, competitive fun, each with their teams hand painted, built in drink holders and adjustable feet for a fair and level playing field.
  • Outdoor/Indoor Model in glimmering Stainless Steel:  Australia v. Germany
  • Indoor in gleaming white: Australia v. Italy
  • Indoor in stealth black: Barcelona v. Madrid
These immensely popular units must be seen to be believed: think you've seen a foosball table before? Think again! Also from the playful team at RS Barcelona and Rafael Rodriguez, come these quirky and yet entirely functional: Wall Champions. Hang your coat/hat/gloves/wigs/boots or shin pads on these wall mounted hooks, with the players painted in your choice of team colours. Need more convincing? Come in and play...  if you're game!