Think advertising, architecture, design, fashion and film, and you’ve barely scratched the surface of Creative Sydney.
Beneath this record breaking rainfall and in the midst of the current cold snap that has beseiged Sydney these past two weeks, there is so much going on in the world of art, creativity and design that the resilient Sydney creative scene cannot be driven indoors for long.  As we already covered, Beinnale 2010 launched last week and runs until August right across Sydney, but lastnight VIVID returned. VIVID now in it's second year, is a festival of light, music and ideas instigated by the NSW Government. Within VIVID there plays out a plethora of summits, exhibitions, live performances and public art.  Our big picks for the VIVID programme are:
  • Creative Sydney : VIVID's performance and discussion festival.  A unique nine-day celebration where inspiring events and performances meet thought-provoking discussions and stimulating creative industry members converse.  This festival highlight brings together local and global movers and shakers across a broad spectrum of industries to engage with their peers.  Taking place throughout June across Sydney.
  • Macquarie Visions:  A free public event that immerses you in light and history once the sun goes down.  The historic facades of Macquarie Street are bathed in light art that tells the story of Governor Lachlan Macquarie and his wife Elizabeth.  Accompanied by street performers and interactive light displays.
  • Lighting the Sails: Like it says on the packet!  Again the gleaming the sails of the incomparable Sydney Opera House each night are awash with colour and imagery by artist Laurie Anderson who has taken the reigns from Brian Eno who designed last years innaugural projections.
Sydney even in its coldest days exudes vivacity and life, if you get the opportunity get in amongst it and soak it up!