[gallery link="file"] That's the word from renowned retail design guru and brand strategist:  Mark Landini from Landini Associates On April 27th, KE-ZU played host to the Retail Design Institute as they presented Landini talking on the shifts and trends in current retail design practice. The insightful presentation explored the social impact of brand awareness, how to maximise on brand loyalty and harnessing the consumer's perception of a brand and how they convert this into a personal "ownership".  In short, building an allegience through appealing to their social ideals.
Small is the new big” is a look at how many brands, in the face of globalization are learning from, and often mimicking their smaller more agile competitors. A look at how “large” is no longer that “compelling” to customers in search of something “real”.
The Retail Design Institue was founded in New York in the early 1960's and now boasts over 1000 members across the globe with a Sydney and Melbourne chapter opening in 1992.  The Institute is proudly the only international professional body dedicated to developing and supporting retail design professionals in the design and planning of 'selling' environments.