[gallery link="file" columns="4"] So You Think You Can Dance has seen recent success both here and abroad, though amongst the dance community opinion is divided on whether the platform is a true and positive reflection of the artform.  Whichever side of the rehearsal room you find yourself warming up on, it has become undeniable that the spotlight has definitely been thrown onto dance (from contemporary to classical ballet) of late.  Not least for the great number of people for whom there had never been any exposure to the diversity of the art. On June  20th the  2010 Australian Dance Awards will see the best of the best in one theatre for one night at the Victorian Arts Centre in Melbourne, a gala event to recognise and applaud excellence in Australian Dance, tickets are available from Ausdance.  Showcased on the night will be pieces from the Australian Ballet, the unrivalled talents of The Bangarra Dance Theatre, hip hop, contemporary ballet and assorted indigenous contemporary routines. Ke-Blog takes great pleasure in unearthing the delightful collisions between the spheres of design, fashion, science and the arts; whenever they occur.  This years dance awards we discover, are no exception. Ausdance are bringing the evening to life with support from the nearly 80 year old dance shoe manufacturer: Bloch.  Amusingly, it was only late last year that US Vogue Editor in Chief, the notorious, Anna Wintour, had 'decreed' that heels were out and Bloch's flats were well and truly in!  What with all the recent mainstream interest in dance brought about by nightly television exposure it seems this latest endorsement by the queen bee of the fashion world has squarely placed Bloch and their street smart ballet slipper inspired footwear firmly in the sites of comfort-chasing, fashion conscious, stylistas everywhere who are desperate to slip into something more comfy! Aching arches and high-heeled hi-jinx it seems, are getting the boot... or perhaps they've just been given the slip?  Either way, we don't think it could have been choreographed better for the well shod folk over at Bloch!