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Tartana Acoustic

Isaac Piñeiro
Tartana, designed by Isaac Piñeiro, is a pre-industrial inspiration, an overhanging phono-absorbent post-industrial acoustic product.
Product details

Isaac Piñeiro, from the design studio Nadadora, has taken inspiration from a pre-industrial epoch for their post-industrial product. In Spanish, a “tartana” is defined as a carriage with a domed cover on two wheels. Sancal’s modern-day Tartana is an acoustic dome, a totally new product, designed to protect us and provide us with the privacy that we yearn for in open spaces.

The warm materials used help to create a cosy atmosphere: the structure is ash and the fabric is a foam laminated bicolour felt. It is available in three variants: grey/navy blue, moka/wine and beige/lime. Both sides have the same acoustic properties and can therefore be placed either way round to achieve different colour co-ordinations. Please check the viability of other finishes with the sales department before ordering.

The construction of the fabric in three layers creates the optimum phono-absorbent effect. The structure is available in two sizes, 150cm x 202cm and 298cm x 202cm. The fabrics are ordered separately and come in two lengths, XL or XS. Each structure, regardless of its width, has space for two fabrics – which can both be the same or different lengths. The XL fabric length has an overhang of 44 cm and the XS 24 cm.

The wooden structure can be stained any colour in our collection, although Nadadora recommends natural, silk-grey or anthracite stains for the grey/navy fabrics, natural or walnut for moka/wine and natural or silk-grey for beige/lime.

  • Acoustic module with removable, interchangeable, foam laminated felt fabric
  • Structure made of solid ash
  • Adjustable cable with 2m maximum length
  • Optional light kit available
  • Width: 2020