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Tapis Acoustic Screen

Isaac Piñeiro
Tapís... Separate to connect.
A sober, simple design and an acoustic solution by Isaac Piñeiro, that transforms spaces into private and intimate corners.
Product details

Tapís is a room divider panel system and an acoustic solution designed by Isaac Piñeiro. A micro architecture product that provides a functional, aesthetic and dynamic way to create new spaces without resorting to construction works.

Wide, open floor layouts have been a trend in interior architecture. With the new normal comes a need to find flexible and dynamic solutions to ensure social distancing and reduce sound reverberation in environments a diverse as hotels, restaurants, waiting rooms, halls. Office dividers are also back in vogue, albeit with a more flexible twist, being installed, moved or rearranged as required while respecting the space’s initial interior design concept.

Isaac Piñero achieves this mobility with a range of hinge-like joints. As well as a straight two panel joint, a T-shaped junction fits three panels, an X-shape four. By simply adding new unions and orientating each of the panels the system lends itself to an almost infinite number of use cases, including long walls, meeting rooms and social spacers for reception areas.

The design brief was to create upholstered mobile acoustic walls, available in a in a wide array of fabrics. In stark contrast to other options that offer a very limited variety of finishes, this empowers interior designers and architects to fit them into their project.

he Tapís‘ takes this one step further. Mix and match fabrics on each face with the seams discreetly running down the sides of the panels (the “symmetric option”) or feature both textiles on the panel’s faces with an off-centre seam (the “asymmetric option”).

In today’s world, the Tapís’ endless array of options is a great ally when facing the challenges imposed by this new normality. Together with our usual range of textiles including those suitable for severe cleaning conditions, you will also find transparent cellular polycarbonate sheeting.

A sober, simple design, Tapís can be integrated in a discreet way by when choosing quiet textiles, while upholstering it with vibrant materials adds colour and texture to the most eclectic decorative styles. The wide range of lacquers for the metal pieces multiplies the combinations once again and undoubtedly reinforces the uniqueness of the design.

The panels are available in three heights and two lengths and are easy to assemble. A light, mobile solution that transforms spaces not only by creating private and intimate corners, but, when using the applicable fabrics, can also become sound absorbing panels, improving acoustics by reducing noise and reverberation.

  • Acoustic screen available in 2 version: with fixed upholstery or polycarbonate
  • Top panels and joints are made of aluminium coated in black epoxy
  • Base made of F1 steel
  • Height: 1100 / 1400 / 1800