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Kes Modular Sofa

Gabriele Buratti, Oscar Buratti
Kes Collection by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti is a beautiful design of a cute, comfortable, and timeless seating solution with basic forms and endless compositions.
Product details

First of all, Kes is a chair with smooth lines, sweet, essential in shape, and refined in design but radical in its simplicity. Designed for indoor and outdoor, matte color finishing; easy to combine and cozy, it’s suitable both for residential and commercial use.

Secondly, the main objective of the modular sofa is to create endless and articulated compositions; sofas, chaises, and lineal and angular poufs. Either armchairs formed by individual elements or large islands as a result of the union of several parts.

Buratti + Battiston Architects base their work on looking for a new interpretation of the relationship between simplicity and complexity, finding the balance, and giving it an original value. Flexibility in the composition and the mobility of elements make it easy to reach the optimum comfort position.

  • Modular sofa made of polyethylene resin
  • 100% recyclable
  • Optional accessories include: backrest, sectional table, and occasional table
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Seat Height: 400
  • Depth: 900

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