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Jut Sun Chaise

Studio Vondom
Jut is a contemporaneous, comfortable, and very practical collection by Studio Vondom with innovative and recyclable material to guarantee prolonged use, withstanding the most extreme weather conditions.
Product details

With the Jut Collection, a new aesthetic is imposed in terms of polyethylene resin furniture for outdoors manufactured by rotational moulding. Its angular shapes, very difficult to achieve with this manufacturing process, are a unique proposal until now.

At Vondom we offer these pieces in different colours, very bright tones that add an even more original touch to the furniture.

The ergonomics, functionality, and ecology of the Jut furniture for outdoors and indoors are other of the main characteristics of our designs. The water drainage holes and ̈counter-counter-bars ̈ ensure maximum comfort when stretching out or sitting down.

The innovative and recyclable material is the most demanding on the market to guarantee prolonged use, withstanding the most extreme weather conditions and preserving the colours during its useful life. All these concepts make them the best furniture solution for both indoors and outdoors.

The Jut Collection, unique in its genre, is made with special moulds designed by Vondom and manufactured using a technological process that produces exclusive pieces.

  • Sun chaise made of polyethylene resin
  • 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Seat Height: 200
  • Height: 300
  • Width: 800
  • Depth: 2000

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