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Incasso Chair

Archirivolto Design
Incasso is a highly customizable armchair collection by Archirivolto Design, from the seat to the base, the color, and even the material, perfect for tailored spaces.
Product details

A customizable armchair for tailored spaces.

Vondom believes that design can be a reflection of the soul, that which makes people unique and unforgettable. This is why we joined forces with the team at Archirivolto Design to come up with the Incasso customizable armchair.
This collection seeks to build spaces that are truly personalized and fit lifestyles and settings, without losing sight of our brand’s Mediterranean and avant-garde nature.

The oval shape of the seat melds fluidly with the human body, and this element can be made of opaque polypropylene or translucent polycarbonate. The latter option is particularly striking due to the transparencies and resulting lights that shine on the surface.
The chair always comes with a swivel feature, and the base structure has four legs, available in various tones and finishes: metal or warm wooden hues, both for indoor spaces. One of the options includes wheels, making it ideal for office settings.

Personalized furniture to create tailored spaces.

  • Seat shell is available in opaque polypropylene or translucent polycarbonate
  • Four base options available: sled base, swivel with four metal legs, swivel with four wooden legs, and swivel on castors
  • Seat Height: 480
  • Height: 820
  • Width: 610
  • Depth: 580