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Chemistubes Planter

Teresa Sapey
Chemistubes Collection is an exclusive designer planter by Teresa Sapey suited to residential, commercial, and hospitality applications.
Product details

Chemistubes, is based on “decontextualization”. A new object is produced through increasing the size (intervention in scale), using different materials to the original one (in this case, the ecological material of resin of polyethylene using the technique of rotational moulding), and changing the original use for which an object was first designed. What a laboratory container was before is now a designer planter decorative in & out item.

Besides offering finishes in a great variety of matte or lacquered colours, Vondom it also offers you the option of added lighting, which gives this collection a more interesting touch, creating a surprising, harmonious environment that has great elegance for any interior & exterior space.

  • Planter made of polyethylene resin
  • 100% recyclable
  • Available in three models: flask, pipe, and erlenmeyer
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Diameter: 360 / 550 / 300 / 400
  • Height: 650 / 1000