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Link Sofa

Raw Color
A connected link to create shade sequences by Raw Color.
Product details

Raw Color challenges any conventionalism associated with resting and socialising: why can’t a seat be a piece of art when is not in use?

This creative duo rethinks the way we sit based on the sinuous volumes of a chain. Scale plays a key role here, as it can turn an everyday object into a sculpture.

The sculptural Link poufs are the result of a reflection on alternative furnishing solutions. By breaking down all formal borders, their approach is undoubtedly free, and this triggers an anarchic sitting. Whatever the case, fun is guaranteed.

In terms of finishes, each of the Link pieces is available in a carefully selected range of 6 plain colours, a couple of multicolour versions: multitone bold & multitone pastel, and the Kvadrat x Febrik Sprinkles sample collection.

  • Upholstered sofa with injected molded foam structure
  • Fixed fabric cover with zip to join links
  • Not available in leather
  • Seat Height: 330
  • Height: 330
  • Width: 1380
  • Depth: 1000