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Taiga Coat Stand

Antoni Arola
Taiga coat stand with optional built-in umbrella holder ideal for reception areas, hospitality, offices and domestic use.
Product details

This coat stand is inspired by the organic shapes of Siberiaメs conifer forest shown in the film Dersu Uzala, from the Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa, where the main character mentions the name Taiga when referring to this forest. Taiga can be used as a coat stand for reception areas, hospitality, offices and domestic use. There is a version available with built-in umbrella holder or individual umbrellastand. The coat rack is made of eight hangers at different hights, that allows to easily hang coats, bags, etc. Made with a painted steel base and painted aluminium tube, Taiga is available in 3 different colours with rounded shape plastic hooks ideal to use single hangers.

  • Coat stand with umbrella stand
  • The colours can be combined in one coat stand to make unique combinations

* we do not carry stock of all variations to this product, please contact our sales team to check availability 

  • Diameter: 350
  • Height: 1770
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