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  • Features

    • Barstool with PUR polyurethane foam seat available in white
    • black
    • orange or red
    • Steel structure
    • Available in 2 different heights
    • Rotational spin base with footrest
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  • About the Product

    An elegant and functional stool designed for commercial or residential use from Jorge Pensi. The ergonomically shaped swivel seat makes this stool different from others of its kind which are generally more rigid. Several units together produce a colourful and attractive setting. The seat of Gimlet is made of integral polyurethane with a painted metal structure epoxy and chrome foot ring. Available in four seat colours: white, orange, red and grey and three different sizes.
  • The Brand

    M114 was founded in Barcelona in 1973 and right from the start the studio’s directors – industrial designers JM Massana and JM Tremoleda – encouraged a philosophy based on both the corporate and human aspects of design. In 2011 the company was rebranded as m114.

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