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Cask Ottoman

Norm Architects
Their simplicity makes them iconic, the fanciest minimalism. Versatile, cozy and elegant, all the ingredients of a classic.
Product details

Cask collection is inspired by classical round-shaped pieces of furniture. Looking back on the history of design, they have always been there playing a fundamental role. They never fell out of fashion. How could them? Their simplicity makes them iconic. Take Cask: two rounded pieces of rattan put together. The fanciest minimalism.

The designers aimed “to create a series of lounge furniture (a small sofa and a lounge chair) with a unique, contemporary design and very comfortable.” Versatile, cozy and elegant, all the ingredients of a classic. “We truly believe this series will grab a lot of attention.”

The dynamism that the two circumferences give to the structure is mollified by the temperance of the colour palette although the wide range of available rattan finishes and textiles can also make these pieces as bold and cheerful as to fit the mood of any contemporary atmosphere.

  • Ottoman with structure made of peeled and tinted natural rattan
  • Finished with a three step water-based coating
  • Highly resistant to solar radiation
  • Seat Height: 390
  • Height: 390
  • Width: 1800
  • Depth: 910

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