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Holly Sun Chaise

Emu Group
Reclinable and stackable daybed made of aluminium and EMU-Tex
Product details

The Holly collection consists of: a small armchair, a relaxing lounge chair, foot stool, sun lounger and low table. Up to 8 sun loungers with retractable wheels can be stacked together. A long, S-shaped, extruded profile forms the legs and arms. The fabric wraps around and covers the side sections of the bed and back. An optional sunshade can be attached to the back and the sun lounger also comes complete with a small, two-tiered, flat, sheet-metal table. The aluminium structure ensures the product is weather, humidity and salt water resistant. The Holly armchair and chair can both be stacked. They have an aluminium and stainless steel structure, whereas the EMU-Tex seat and back are designed to be easily replaceable. A comfortable aluminium and EMU-Tex footrest also fits the little armchair and lounge chair.

  • Daybed made of aluminium and EMU-Tex
  • Reclinable and stackable up to 8 daybeds
  • Available with hidden wheels
  • Optional sunshade available
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Height: 370 - 1030
  • Width: 2020
  • Depth: 790

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