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Valentina Modular Sofa

Claudia + Harry Washington
Valentina modular sofa system, an ideal seating comfort with layers of multi-density foam and integrated system of coil springs, designed by Claudia & Harry Washington.
Product details

The Valentina modular sofa system is comprised of six simple pieces that may be arranged and re-arranged in limitless configurations to accommodate the spatial requirements of a room. The collection includes modules with arms, an armless element, a 90-degree square corner, a 45-degree curve, and an ottoman.

Each piece has three distinct elements: the seat and back, the side panels, and a generous welt cord that traces the perimeter. By mixing color and texture between the three elements, the designer can easily personalize each sofa within a space.

Ideal seating comfort is achieved by combining layers of multi-density foam with an integrated system of coil springs.

The seating modules are fully upholstered with leveling, non-marring glides, and all necessary connecting brackets are pre-installed.

  • Upholstered modular sofa available in 6 modules
  • Configurations are connected by a ganging bracket
  • Seat Height: 406
  • Height: 731