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Compass Occasional Table

Maaike Evers, Mike Simonian
A simple, elegant wooden occasional table designed by Mike & Maaike.
Product details

Artifort Compass tables are simple, elegant wooden sofa companions that enhance seating spaces, adapting naturally to our flexible lifestyles. The sofa is a place for many activities from lounging with a cup of tea and a book, to watching a movie, serving guests, planning a trip, or joining a meeting. Compass tables enhance the comfort of all of these activities, providing the perfect surface for a drink or the perfect position for your laptop.

Compass’ semi-circular surface is welcoming from many angles, allowing you to easily position and reposition to suit your needs. You can rotate it to one side, position it in front of you, or hover it over your lap. Its low profile base slips conveniently under your sofa or chair while its cantilevered design brings the surface and your laptop comfortably close.

Compass works in perfect harmony with Artifort sofas and chairs and is available in Artifort’s wood finishes. Compass tables come in two heights; the 57cm height complements lounge seating and the 65 cm height fits more agile and upright sofas and armchairs.

  • Occasional table made of solid oak
  • Maximum load ±15kg
  • Available in two different heights: 570 and 650
  • Height: 570 / 650
  • Width: 400
  • Depth: 460