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Adan Planter

Teresa Sapey
Adan Collection by Teresa Sapey is a multifunctional architectural piece with many personalities that create a stir to fit in with any style.
Product details

Teresa Sapey surprises us with her creations, this time through the Adan Collection for Vondom, an item with a lot of personality, and a shape which is faceted, like that of a diamond. More than objects, they are multifunctional architecture pieces, since besides being used as design planters, they can be used as seats, flower pots, auxiliary tables… They are lifestyle objects that create a stir, fitting in with any style, and are made of materials that allow for both outdoor and indoor use.

Our iconic design planters by Teresa Sapey have a new version, called Adan Glossy. Using the polycarbonate injection technique, we have incorporated new finishes full of colour and transparency. Adan Nano manages to transform itself into a magical piece whose geometry, in combination with translucent colours and light, creates an aura of transparencies and reflections that shines on its own.

In addition, due to its increased capacity and weight, the design gains stability, consolidating itself as a star ally for decorating various spaces. A vase, flower pot, organiser, book holder, or simply a decorative element, Adan has an infinite number of uses. Available in transparent jewel-like colours (crystal, amber, sapphire, or smoked) and in opaque white.

Create your own paradise!

  • Planter made of polyethylene resin or polycarbonate resin
  • 100% recyclable
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Height: 180 / 190 / 420 / 700 / 1000
  • Width: 130 / 300 / 490 / 700
  • Depth: 170 / 410 / 680 / 960

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