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Gather Around Modular Sofa

Gather Around Collection is the perfect example of customisable functionality seating, that has four standard seat modules and three standard back height options.
Product details

The epitome of customisable functionality, the Gather Around design is based on four standard seat modules, straight, convex, concave, 90 degree corner, and three standard back heights. Gather Around Closer has smaller compact modules for when space is premium. Gather Around Me Too is a two-seat lounge with high sides and top canopy. Ideal for creating face-to-face acoustic hubs.

Configurations with high backs divide and separate open-plan spaces creating acoustic hubs for meetings and presentations. Medium-height backs provide good acoustics and allow people to gather around a rear-mounted table and still engage with those seated inside. The low-back option is all engaging and welcoming.

  • Upholstered modular sofa with three upholstery options:  fabrics, vinyl, and leather
  • Optional rear-mounted table can be mounted at three height options
  • Optional under-seat storage and power module available
  • Three back height options available: 760mm, 1116mm, and 1395mm
  • Seat Height: 450
  • Height: 760 / 1116 / 1395
  • Depth: 750