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Vesper Occasional Table

Sebastian Herkner
Fresh from the river, the vesper collection designed by Sebastian Herkner with innovative and flexible material to emulate the rounded edges of a pebble formed by erosion.
Product details

The latest creation by Sebastian Herkner for Sancal is a functional family of tables with four heights to suit every project.

Vesper is German for a cold dinner reflecting the table’s use both as a low occasional table or a dining table.

Sebastian was inspired by nature, just as he was with the Talo chair. He used an innovative and flexible material, made of stone and resin, to enable the bases to emulate the rounded edges of a pebble. The tops use the same substance to simulate the irregular edges formed by erosion.

  • Occasional table with stonacril base
  • Available in two heights: 330 and 450
  • Height: 330 / 450

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