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Tortuga Lounge Chair

Isaac Piñeiro
A timeless design by Isaac Piñeiro, inspired from this enduring animal, the Galapagos tortoise.
Product details

We admire the slow, stately pace of a tortoise and envy its long life. When Isaac Piñeiro, from Nadadora design studio, took on the challenge to come up with a timeless design, a chair that we could dream of as we plod back home, inspiration from this enduring animal reared its head.

The idea stems from a shell that we can withdraw into, immersing ourselves in a good novel or drifting off to sleep… Its simplicity reflects the tranquility of Nadadora’s ethos, although the choice of textiles can add contrasting exuberance.

After the success of its forbearers, Isaac proposes some comfortable mini lounge chairs that will be a delight in any space, also, they are suitable for projects like cafés and hotel rooms where space is compromised. And so, with the new additions, the Tortuga family adapts even better to its environment with a range of full-sized and mini lounge chairs. Poufs and side tables complete the collection.

  • Upholstered lounge chair with fixed central foot made of F1 steel
  • Back and seat quilted area can be removed, outer back and lower base upholstery is fixed
  • Structure made of F1 steel with injection moulded foam
  • Seat Height: 435
  • Height: 730 / 1090
  • Width: 860
  • Depth: 820

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